2SummitUp – I help people unblock their sales blockages..

I am a Sales coach/trainer/mentor with 25 years sales experience, I’ve sold products, concepts, change, opportunities and myself!

My business has come from a wish list of all the things that I have received, learned, experienced or wished I had been offered on my journey to success. None of us know everything but I believe we all have the answers within us we just need the right person to ask the questions.

I embarked on a career in Direct Selling  with two small children at the time and a wonderful husband who supported me all the way from my initial £130 investment through to the building of a £4million business. It’s certainly been quite a journey which also included two awards from the Direct Selling Industry.

Despite ‘selling’ for many years I have never seen myself as a sales person, but more of a problem solver, solution provider, with a passion for helping others.  My Sales training and coaching starts with the customer in mind, your pitch and why others would choose you.

I help individuals and sales teams break through their blockages. There are a chain of events that happen to make our sales funnel work, if something isn’t working right it can hold you back, and often it’s a lot easier to fix than you think.

2SummitUp then, why me…?

  • I am an out of the box thinker, your goal is my goal and we focus on the outcome and the journey that takes you there
  • I design, deliver bespoke training to fit individual or team needs, in sales and leadership
  • The platforms for my coaching/training are in person, webinars, workshops and masterclasses
  • I am qualified as a Master Coach in Personal Performance Coaching, Executive Leadership Coaching and Accelerated Learning
  • I built a £4 million business with a £130 investment in a competitive world, so I’ve been on the journey myself
  • I have worked at a senior level in an employed capacity and a self-employed capacity enabling me to offer a broader view
  • I understand selling – whether that’s an opportunity, product or concept
  • I have two DSA awards
  • I have a broad skill set which brings great value to my coaching/training
  • I have integrity – if I am not right for you, I will tell you in our initial discussion

I believe …..  ‘ All the answers are within us, we just need the right person to ask the questions‘.

Is there something I can help you with?

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