2SummitUP – there is so much more to selling than the final transaction. 

Hi there!

I am Elaine Atherton a Sales Coach & Trainer with 25 years sales experience, I’ve sold products, concepts, change, opportunities and services. My mission is to smash some of the myths around selling.

I started out as an Accidental Salesperson who went on to build a business that turned over £23million across a 9 year period. There have been many ‘learning curves’ along the way all of which have given me the wealth and depth of knowledge that I can share with my clients.

There are a chain of events that need to happen for a sales process to work effectively, and if something isn’t right or missing it can seriously hold you back. The good news is that it’s often a lot easier to fix than you think. The main challenge is when you are close to it, it’s much harder to be objective.

I’m your challenger and cheerleader!

How can I help?

Small business owners

If you are one of the many Accidental Sales People out there struggling to get comfortable with selling.
I offer 1:1 coaching packages via Skype/call each month – 3 sessions are often enough

I also run Workshops for small business owners & social entrepreneurs for Companies who support/service SME’s. Perfect for Accountants who are looking to provide their small businesses with an extra level of support.


Does your sales process need a review and some of your staff need a retrain? Sales is often part of people’s role but many are not comfortable with it. We all want to help our clients and by adding some processes and actions it can make a huge impact on our results.

This package is flexible and based on an hourly rate

Step one – we meet up or Skype for an exploratory call – we decide if we are right for each other

Next steps – We discuss in detail what you want to be included in your ‘Review Package’ and how many hours that will take and confirm the costs. I review your current processes which includes everything from the customer journey/communications/sales processes/team sales skills & requirements.

A full review of my findings and recommendations is included in your package for you to action/consider.

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I believe …..  ‘ All the answers are within us, we just need the right person to ask the questions‘.

Is there something I can help you with?

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