. . . who need pointing in the right direction.

Firstly, who are Accidental Sales People?

‘2SummitUP’ it’s generally those of us who stepped into the world of starting our own business, because we are either passionate about what we do, an expert in our field, or we spotted an opportunity, or perhaps all three. It’s not too long however before we realise we are wearing many hats in business. Some fit really well, others feel a little bit uncomfortable. But all the hats need to be worn or, at the very least tried on, for us to be successful.  After all we wouldn’t make a cake, miss out a key ingredient and expect it to be a success. 

It can be a challenge knowing where to spend our time, and what to spend it on. There is so much information out there it can be difficult to know what we personally need in our business. I’ve spent a lot of time myself listening to webinars, reading books, doing market research, up-skilling myself and more.  All of this is really valuable and essential to my journey, but I admit sometimes it can send me off on a tangent! 

I've created a Sales Roadmap Review which gives you some insight into your areas of ‘I’ve got it covered’ or ‘I need to invest more time here’ or maybe ‘I need to get someone to do that for me and get additional support’. Remember none of us have all the answers – we just need to know who to ask!

What makes me qualified to ask the questions?

My expertise lies in sales and leadership and I’ve enjoyed a rewarding career spanning over 25 years. As a Sales Coach and Trainer I love helping people tackle their ‘pain points’ around selling. So often I hear small business owners say that they can’t sell, however when asked if they like to help people, it’s a resounding yes!  In reality there is so much more to selling than the exchange of money - it's just one of the pieces of the puzzle. Personally I consider it to be a real privilege helping others on their journey.   There are those great moments when people find ‘their stories with a purpose’, the ‘why behind their clients buy’, and when they put all the pieces of their sales puzzle together.

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