1:1 Coaching Packages

There are understandably a lot of questions around coaching. 

  • How will it help me?
  • What am I going to learn that I don't know already?
  • How many sessions will I need?
  • How much will it cost me?

The truth is, it’s very much about you as a person, and what you need. Sometimes you just need to get through a ‘blockage’ and a small number of sessions will do it. Other times it takes longer. The challenge can be when we are immersed in what we do, it’s hard to look at things objectively. I help you achieve that. We start with a 20 minute Skype call where we discuss what you are looking to achieve.

Sales Coaching Package

Sales coaching package is for those who have a blockage in their sales process. How do you know you have a blockage - when your end results are not where you want or need them to be.

To reach the end sale there are steps we need to take,  we start with your end goal, and look at the steps you have in place to get there. I'll be your challenger and your cheerleader! I have created a Sales process review to help us identify where your strengths lie.

Three one hour Skype sessions for £150 (individual sessions £60) over a 5/6 week period.  With 'tasks to complete between our sessions. 

 Some of the challenges you may be facing:

Breaking through your sales blockages

  • You lack clarity on next steps
  • You are not comfortable selling
  • You don’t feel you’ve perfected your pitch
  • You are very busy but not seeing the results of your hard work
  • You need to be working smarter not harder
  • You're feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there 
  • You lack confidence in promoting your business and yourself

I have 4 places available monthly for this package

Leadership Coaching Package

Leadership coaching package is for those who are struggling with some of the following skills in leadership

  • Being assertive
  • Empowering others
  • Struggle with problem solving
  • Motivating others
  • Goal setting/achieving goals
  • Delegation

What happens next?

Step One

We arrange a 20 minute Skype call where we discuss your completed Sales Roadmap Review. If we are right for each other we go to step 2

Step Two

We agree on our objectives with timelines and book your three sessions within a 6 week period.

Payment is made at time of booking to qualify for the package.

Step Three

Start the ball rolling and get in touch today to arrange your initial call.