Sales Coaching Package

Most small businesses didn’t start a business to become a salesperson, but without being able to sell their products or services then it becomes a real struggle. I definitely started out as an Accidental Salesperson and turned my passion for helping people into a hugely successful business.

There are understandably a lot of questions around coaching.

How will it help me?

What am I going to learn that I don’t know already?

How many sessions will I need?

How much will it cost me?

The truth is, it’s very much about you as a person, and what you need. Sometimes you just need to get through a ‘blockage’ and a small number of sessions will do it. Other times it takes longer. The challenge can be when we are immersed in what we do, it’s hard to look at things objectively. I help you achieve that. We start with a 30 minute conversation where we discuss what you are looking to achieve.

The Sales coaching package is for those who have a blockage or a gap in their sales process or maybe don’t really feel they have a sales process and everything feels a bit ad-hoc. We only know what we know and it’s the bit we don’t know that can make all the difference. Equally, when you are really close to something it’s not easy to see it in an objective way. This is where I excel I help you create together a strategy that works for you and what you want to achieve. As I am also a Sales Trainer I can also of course provide training when needed.

So how do you know you have a blockage or a gap in your sales process?

Quite honestly when your end results are not where you want or need them to be! None of us are the same, what one person finds easy and within their comfort zone or expertise, another may not, I work with you to help you through your challenges making this a bespoke service.

Four easy steps to increase your sales

Step 1

We arrange a 30 minute free exploratory call/meeting to discuss your needs. If we are a right fit for each other we can move forward to…

Step 2

Pre our first meeting I send you a Sales Process Review to complete and in our first meeting we discuss the results and identify where your focus needs to be. We then agree on a clear goal and the outcome that you want to achieve with timelines. I leave you with some actions to complete before our next session in two weeks time.

Step 3

In this session, we create a step by step action plan to support the task(s) we have identified in step 2 and we timeline the actions to get you there. I’ll be your challenger and your cheerleader! Again, you will have some actions to complete – we exchange emails with updates before our next session in 2 weeks time.

Step 4

This final session varies massively as it’s about what you’ve accomplished/your findings/what is still a work in progress, and we discuss your next steps and how you analyse your results.

How much does this cost?

Book your three one hour sessions for £275 (individual one hour sessions are £100) Payment to be made in advance to qualify for this package. I provide this service face to face for local businesses and via Skype. I have 4 places available monthly for this package.

Is this something I can help you with?

Call today on 07871 115 259 for more information