Sales Workshop for small business owners 10th July 2018 Malmaison Liverpool

If your current sales process isn’t giving you the results and you need some clarity on where you should be spending your time then this Workshop is for you.

In our last Workshop the word of the day was overwhelm – the reality is it can all feel very overwhelming running a business and we can all feel it in different ways, some of the following maybe familiar?

  • So much information out there I don’t know what I need for my business
  • I’ve got so much to do I don’t know what to do next
  • I know I need to be spending time on the ‘right things’ but I’m not sure what they
  • I’m just not a natural salesperson
  • I’m really busy but I’m not moving forward

The additional bonuses people get from this session is that they get to spend time with people who are facing some of the challenges they are. It’s interactive and you get to share your business and make new connections. The places are limited to a maximum of 10 places.


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