1:1 Coaching Packages

There are understandably a lot of questions around coaching�.
�how will it help me�
�will it add to my tool kit of knowledge?�
�how many sessions will I need?�
�how much will it cost me?�
The truth is, it�s very much about you as a person, and what you need. Sometimes you just need to get through a �blockage� and a small number of sessions will do it. Other times it takes longer. The challenge can be when we are immersed in what we do, it�s hard to look at things objectively. I help you achieve that. In our 30 minute complimentary call we talk about where you are and how I can help, and if I am right for you.
Below is an outline of the two packages available.

Sales Coaching Package

Sales coaching package � for those who �have something to sell but don�t see themselves as a sales person� & those who �have a sales blockage� whether you are an individual or part of a sales team. Our sessions take you from where you are now to where you want to be
Three 50 minute Skype sessions for £125
This is an outline of some of the challenges you may be facing�
� Breaking through your sales blockages
� You lack clarity on next steps
� You are not comfortable selling
� You don�t feel you�ve perfected your pitch
� Be a solution provider/problem solver and increase your sales
� You need to be working smarter not harder
� Negotiating and closing the deal is a challenge

Leadership Coaching Package

Leadership coaching package � for those who are struggling with some of the following skills in leadership
� Being assertive
� Empowering others
� Struggle with problem solving
� Motivating others
� Goal setting/achieving goals
� Delegation

Step One

We arrange a 30 minute call where we discuss your challenges and your objectives. If we are right for each other we go to�..

Step Two

We agree on our objectives with timelines and book your three sessions over a 6 week period.

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