Firstly, who are Accidental Sales People?

‘2SummitUP’ it’s generally those of us who stepped into the world of starting our own business, because we are either passionate about what we do, an expert in our field, or we spotted an opportunity, or perhaps all three. It’s not too long however before we realise we are wearing many hats in business. Some fit really well, others feel a little bit uncomfortable. But all the hats need to be worn or, at the very least tried on, for us to be successful. After all we wouldn’t make a cake, miss out a key ingredient and expect it to be a success.

It can be a challenge knowing where to spend our time, and what to spend it on. There is so much information out there it can be difficult to know what we personally need in our business. We can start to feel overwhelmed!

Ways I can work with you...

Attend a local Accidental Sales People Workshop

One to One Coaching

Coming soon! You will be able to access the training online

The Workshops are interactive for a max of 12 people. We focus on all the steps you need to consider in your sales process to increase your selling opportunities.

A taster of what is included in the Workshops...

  • Understanding your client and their needs and the problems you solve
  • Perfecting your pitch
  • Identify the ‘right routes’ for you to find your clients
  • Create your processes that generate more sales opportunities on a regular basis
  • Understand what’s stopping you
  • Focus on where you need to be spending your time
  • Great questions & great communications get the best answers
  • Understanding your buyer and their journey
  • Spending time with current clients/potential clients/future clients

Get a FREE copy of my Sales Process Checklist

Who is it for?

If you are a small business owner who…

Is feeling overwhelmed and not sure which route to take

Your sales process isn’t giving you the results you need

Selling isn’t something that you are comfortable with

You know you are missing something in your sales process, but you don’t know what

How does it work?

If you support or offer a service to small businesses for example Accountants/Training Provider or are part of a networking group who has small business owners? You can book this for your clients/group. You secure the people I do the rest.

  • I deliver this interactive Workshop to groups of max 12 people.
  • I work with you to provide the communication to send to your contacts/clients and we work together to secure a venue
  • I can also set up the event on Eventbrite and keep the attendees informed before the day

Is this something I can help you with?

Call today on 07871 115 259 for more information