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Coach to Solopreneurs and those who don’t want to be salesy


Hi, I’m Elaine

It can feel really lonely and tough  running your own business.

It doesn’t need to be that way there is tons of support out there.

Let me help..

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Sales Coach | Accountability Partner

My passion and success comes from supporting small businesses .

7 Things Service Based Business need to know – FREEBIE

Hi, I’m Elaine!

There are many routes to success when running your own business. I work with you to help you find yours – that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

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Make It Happen Package

In just 3 sessions we are going to make that idea/opportunity that’s rolling around your head into a reality.

Small Business Making It Happen

1:1 Sales & Accountability

We tailor these sessions to what you need. Every business isn’t the same and we need different support.

Grow her Business

Grow Her Business


For Women in Business looking for a supportive, educational Community.

Perfecting your discovery call – Online Programme

In 60 mins you can find out exactly why your call isn’t working and take action.

Welcome to 2Summitup

Most of us start our own business because we either saw a gap in the market, we are an expert in our field or we are passionate about helping people. But no one tells you that in order to achieve your goal you will need to become an expert at selling what you do.

Through a range of services I will help you build up your knowledge, confidence and skills to maximise your sales opportunities and keep you on track to achieve them.

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