2SummitUP – there is so much more to a sale than the final transaction. 

I’m Elaine Atherton and my passion is supporting small businesses in their quest to generate more sales.

Selling is something many people feel uncomfortable with and they worry about being too ‘salesy’. After all most of us start our own business because we either saw a gap in the market, we are an expert in our field or we are passionate about helping people. It’s unlikely however that we did it to become a salesperson, but of course, we need to generate sales to stay in business. There are alot of ‘Accidental Sales People’ around I started as one myself.

The reality is ‘there is so much more to a sale than the final transaction’ which is great news, it’s not about being pushy or salesy it’s about helping your potential buyers! If the sales aren’t happening there is a reason behind it. I have the fantastic job of helping my clients find the missing pieces of their sales puzzle. Great questions here give the best answers, but it’s the actions that follow that will help you move your business forward.

My journey started when I invested £130 on a kit many years ago and went on to build a business that turned over £23million across a 9 year period, I was most certainly an Accidental Salesperson who has a passion for helping people.

Through each part of my career there have been many ‘learning curves’ along the way all of which have given me the wealth and depth of knowledge that I can share with my clients – I’m your challenger, cheerleader, your accountability partner and sales coach, all working towards getting you the results you desire.

I’ve experienced the overwhelm of not sure what to do first, last or not at all, and trying to be great at everything and wearing all the different hats. Often we can spend so much time on the other stuff rather than on the main reason we started our business and it doesn’t have to be that way. Reality is our expertise alone doesn’t guarantee our success, we need to create regular actions and processes to support our strategy.

Equally it can be lonely in business when we have to come up with all the answers – which are often hard to see when we are that close to it – which is where I can offer support.

It’s a real privilege to be able to help people build their business – be their sounding board and their accountability buddy and get them over some of those sales hurdles that they face.

In 2020 I’ve launched an online sales programme to help all those businesses at the start of their journey not knowing who they are talking to, who they are helping and where they will find them. It’s called 10 minutes, 10 days and 10 actions – keeping sales simple. I created it because I know how tough it can be. Who should listen to – with so much information out there how do we know what would be right for us?

Head to https://www.2summitup.com/ten-actions/ to find this programme.

For a copy of my free Sales Review Checklist download to see what you have ‘covered’ in your business and where you need to spend more time follow the link.

Sales Review Checklist

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I believe …..  ‘ All the answers are within us, we just need the right person to ask the questions‘.

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