This is Day 2 (Intro yesterday if you missed it) of the 4 Sales Pillar foundations for building a solid service based business.

This is about the ‘Why behind your service’ there are actually 3 whys in here as a seller and of course I talk about our buyers ‘why’s’ too.

I can’t remember a tougher time in my business journey than that place of overwhelm – it’s exhausting trying to find answers constantly isn’t it?

Once I found how to do this in the least painful way possible and had a process to do it has never been as challenging again when creating new programmes – phew, because I’m creating 2 at the moment

The reality is none of us have all of the answers we just need to know who to ask! And I’m not just talking about investing in support (which I’m an advocate of) but tapping into our ideal clients world can be hugely valuable and is often underestimated.

Why did you start your business – I’d love to hear, feel free to comment.