This time last year I couldn’t move…

Always interesting when memories flash up and you revisit the past. I’d pulled a muscle in my back (doing a dance class) the pain was incredible.

My support network aka my family and friends rallied round to help me. I took advice from those who had real knowledge in their field from gentle physio to using CBD balm and each day I improved thankfully.

It was really hard to imagine on day 1 that I was going to feel so much better on day 7.

I got lots of advice, people wanted to help but I chose who I listened to. I made some good choices if not the outcome could have been different.

When we need some help in our business we are making choices.

*Just who should we listen to?
*Who has the answers that I’m looking for?
*Which programme will help me?
*Should I sign up for that?

It’s tough I know because we don’t want to make the wrong decision. We can make expensive mistakes.

I help small business generate more sales. I do that in a number of ways some may help you some may not. That’s why I offer a free 30 minute exploratory call – after all I may not be right for you and we won’t know until we have that call.

Pre our call I send over a checklist – it’s a simple ticklist which asks you some questions so we can see just where the help is needed. It makes our call more meaningful.

I keep a handful of slots available each week for my exploratory calls – here is the link if you would like to book one in