Make more money – creating a successful sales strategy

People buy because you helped them…

People buy because you helped them…

Selling – Keeping It Simple!

Get your 2019 off to a great start by spending a day working on your business, not in your business. When we start a business … Read More

Selling – Keeping It Simple Workshop Chester Area

The reality is very few people start a business to become a salesperson but without sales, a business won’t survive. There is so much more … Read More

What makes the perfect pitch?

Many of us started out as ‘Accidental Sales People’ – I did myself many years ago and went on to have a very successful career, … Read More

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Workshop for Accidental Sales People

Many of us start a business because we are passionate about something, we are an expert or we see an opportunity. This workshop is for … Read More

Sales & Digital Marketing Masterclass 31st January 2018

Let us help you make 2018 the year that you are seen and heard! This Masterclass is for those who have something to sell but … Read More

Sales & Digital Marketing Masterclass

This Sales & Digital Marketing Masterclass is hosted Judith O’Brien and Elaine Atherton, who are two successful business women in their respective fields.  Elaine is … Read More

Sales webinar launch offer August 2017


Keep going, right and wrong turns ahead!

Some weeks in business prove to be just that little bit more challenging than others I feel! After deleting in error the recording of  my … Read More


I hope you can come and join me on this Free webinar where I share some of my learnings. You will take away an understanding … Read More

Fridays view!

What an interesting week it’s been learning new skills myself  and helping others do the same. I’ve released the date of my next Sales workshop … Read More

Sales Workshop – The Why behind the buy 13th July

If you don’t feel you are a sales person but your business depends on it – come and join me. 54 St James Street Baltic … Read More

Is there such a thing as a natural sales person?

Your views are welcome! I have never considered myself to be a sales person, but more of a problem solver, a solution provider, and passionate … Read More

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And the moral of the story is

So this week saw the end of my IT hiccup, and I was finally able to release my FREE download of ‘The Perfect Pitch’ – … Read More

No two journeys are the same – it’s about what works for you!

I have met some fantastic people this week by and I love the energy that positive motivated people exude! There isn’t any one of us … Read More

Sales person/Problem Solver/Solution Provider?

Potentially most of us have a sales person inside us and we sell on a regular basis, whether that’s a concept, a product, a service … Read More

Increase your hourly rate by mastering your Time Management…

Time is money when you are running your own business, it’s a massive frustration when we know we are not making best use of our … Read More

No yes maybe….

Is the ‘no’ word getting too much bad press?? Sadly we quite often see the ‘no’ word in a negative way, it can leave us … Read More

Are you an Intrapreneur or an Entrepreneur???

  I recently heard the word ‘Intrapreneur’ and loved it – yes I know I am easily pleased! If its a new word to you, … Read More

Reach out when you need to…

  I believe that no matter where we are on our journey or indeed which journey we are on we all need help along the … Read More

I believe we all have the answers within us….

How many times has someone asked your view on something and once you’ve given it their mood changed or indeed the other way round? With … Read More

Pitch Perfect or a Few Flat Notes??

2SummitUp it’s been an exciting week! I am now qualified as a Master Coach – in what you may ask… Personal Performance Coaching Executive Leadership … Read More

Be strong enough…..

Many years ago I heard an expression which still makes me smile ‘It feels like the Titanic is going down and we are folding up … Read More

‘2SummitUp’​..I need some help!

Over the last couple of days I have spent many hours on the content of my up and coming website, which is very exciting for … Read More