Over the last couple of days I have spent many hours on the content of my up and coming website, which is very exciting for me, but I hit a ‘blip’ and so decided I would call upon the wonderful LinkedIn community to help me.

One of the services I offer is going into a company and ‘lifting the lumpy carpet’ on their behalf – I decided it wasn’t probably the most professional way to describe it, so I googled it for alternative options…..yes of course I got visuals of lumpy carpets and how to repair them, always useful of course when the problem next arises, but not solving my initial challenge!

So to enable me to complete the heading for my website, and move the project forward – I needed some help!

‘2SummitUp’ – I’ll give you a flavour of this particular service I provide…

Title ( to be confirmed!)

As Senior Managers or Business owners, one of our greatest challenges is being so busy and ‘managing the day to day stuff’ that getting to the root of a problem is not always possible. Yes we have a view, but is that the view of the team? Our actions are based on what we think we know and believe, but I am sure we would all agree basing our decisions on fact is where we would all want to be?

This service offers:

  • An independent voice to step in, to get ‘underneath’ the important team challenges/frustrations your team face.
  • An objective view based on the exploratory sessions with your team.
  • Concise feedback with solutions and recommendations for training/coaching needs
  • A team working in synergy can achieve amazing things – and it can be much nearer than you think.

I believe…

‘All the answers are there we just need the right person to ask the questions’


So the question went out to the good people of LinkedIn – which heading would make you read the content on my website if you where looking for this service?

a. Synergy in the workplace
b. Identifying your ‘business blockages’
c. Other – you choose!

I await their verdict….!