There is no doubt our expertise plays a huge part in starting our business and can significantly increase the
likelihood of our success, but is it enough?

As those of us who’ve taken the plunge and started our own business know there’s a lot to learn outside of our expertise.

We wear so many hats on a daily basis, some we wear well others not so much.

Here are some of the things that we believe are part of those strong foundations.

▶ Know your market – Meeting the needs and wants of our market is essential. Even with our expertise, if there is no demand for the product or service, the business will struggle.

▶Business skills – Expertise in a specific field does not necessarily equate to strong business skills. Knowledge of sales, finance,
marketing, and business planning is critical.

▶Adaptability – The business landscape is always evolving. Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions, technological
advancements, and client needs is vital.

▶Networking and building relationships with like-minded people, clients, partners, and industry peers can open up
opportunities and provide much needed support on our journey.

▶Financial Management – Effective financial planning and understanding our numbers are crucial to keep us in business.

▶Customer Focus – A clear understanding of our clients and their needs, and the outcomes we provide.

▶Keep thinking out of the box – Continual innovation and improvement of products and services can keep our business competitive and

▶A strategy – have a business plan, goals and processes
– consistency is key.

▶Persistence and Resilience – The ability to persevere through challenges and setbacks is often what distinguishes successful businesses.

In reality, whilst our expertise is important, it’s clear we need a range of other skills and factors to ensure business success.

For all the above reasons and more we created our Grow Her Business Community.

We want to support women who’ve started their own business, who are experts in their field but need help and support to build strong foundations to get their business off to the best possible start.

If this is you, get in touch we’d love to help you.