Things don’t always go your way in business do they?

We are only human and we do have a personal life too and things happen.

There will always be curved balls thrown our way and it’s down to how we deal with them that really matters.

In my most recent life curved ball I made soup – haha yes you read that right!

It seems when certain things are not in our control we get comfort and reassurance from doing something that we enjoy and takes us off to another place.

Thankfully I’ve moved away from the soup now it’s back in its weekly spot but hey who doesn’t love a good homemade soup!

What about you what do you do when you need to immerse yourself in something else?

In my switch off time I created my new Make It Happen Package – I love to head into January with something new that is going to get small businesses off to a great start.

In 3 one hour sessions we are going to turn that thing on your to do list into a reality.

It could be the idea rolling round your head, the podcast you wanted to start, the new package you want to create or something that needs breaking down into manageable pieces to make it happen.

I’m limiting this to 10 places 3 have already been taken – no-one has asked for my soup recipes yet that can be arranged haha.

This package has been launched at £195 for those who book before Christmas.

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