2SummitUP – 6 years ago I started my own business helping service based businesses.

I’d been self employed for many years prior
to that with great success but that was under the umbrella of a large organisation in the network marketing world.

I was armed with all the skills, expertise, vast experience and passion so it wasn’t going to be too difficult to make it work surely

There have been many learnings, laughter
and yes some lows as well as massive highs. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and some great some not so good.

I’ve pivoted (for want of a better word) by keeping close to my audience and adapting to what they need in an ever changing landscape and we’ve certainly had that over the last few years.

I continue to meet amazing business owners every day and we share an enthusiasm for what we do and a passion for helping others.

As someone who loves to solve problems and help business owners find an easier route I’m passionate about creating tools, programmes and learnings that do just that.

I know all too well in my earlier years from my own experience if you are not clear on some key foundations then it can make your journey so much harder than it needs to be.

A few years ago I created my FREE bitesize 10 minute audio book to cover these key things which I wish I had known earlier in journey and the hope is it helps other service based businesses.

If it gives you some lightbulb moments then it’s done its job and if you know someone in your circle that it might just help then feel free to share it.

7 Things Service Based Businesses need to be clear on…