We’re not everyone’s cup of tea or coffee

Here’s the thing we should be absolutely OK with that.

Let’s be honest if you don’t like my pic or coffee you may not be reading this now.

We are all buying things on a regular basis some of our decisions are quick for example.

Sticking with the coffee cup…

If you don’t drink coffee you’re not going to need the cups.

Some decisions take longer…

For example ‘I do need or want this but not sure if this person/product is right for me.’

Take my coffee cups I love them my husband prefers his coffee in a smaller cup

At the time when I bought them I searched for my perfect cups. I had an idea in mind and I found them it took time.

Which is why of course as business owners we need to be really clear on some key things when running our own business.

Knowing your ideal audience and how you’re helping them are 2 of those things.

When you are clear people will stop by, seek you out and follow you.

If you’re not for them they’ll move on and that’s perfectly OK too.

As well as spending time drinking from my fab coffee cup one of the many things I help service based business owners get clear on is who they’re helping and how.

It all starts with a free exploratory call were we find out if I’m your cup of coffee and going to help you Make It Happen and equally if your someone I can help.

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