Being an expert in our field doesn’t guarantee our success unfortunately – I know how frustrating is that!

We work so hard to earn our stripes, put the time in, walk the walk and keep on mastering our craft and it still doesn’t guarantee success.

I’m surrounded by small business owners – some who have helped me and others who I have helped we love making a difference and sharing our knowledge.

I see the challenges when people’s head go down because it’s not happening as they had hoped or expected. The questions and doubt can creep in – I know I’ve been there myself.

I created a strapline ‘There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction’ – why because there is obviously (yes that’s my humour!)

This is good news, bad news and great news – honestly it really is.

The GOOD news – we are more in control of it than we think we are.

The BAD news is that there are quite a number of places we can lose or miss it.

The GREAT news is when we know what you are missing we can do something about it -yay!

One of the classic things we do when we start a business is to think we can help everyone. The reality is when we ‘talk’ to everyone we ‘talk’ to no-one. As we are not clear who we are really helping or using the right ‘words’ to grab our ideal client’s attention and our message and the outcomes we are offering become unclear.

I created my 3 Routes to Sales Success Programe which is a 6 Week Programme to help with all the above and much more. It includes a 90 minute session each week with a small group of like-minded business owners plus 2 hours of 1:1 time tailored to what you need right now. Yes it means commitment to making things happen and we are going to do that together.

Here is the link to find out more and the opportunity to book your exploratory call.

Check out what the happy people who’ve been through it said.