We only get one chance at a first impression.

Once someone has booked a call with us it’s so important that the conversation is right for both parties.

I did extensive research before I created my Perfecting your Discovery Call’ online programme and these are a couple of things came up numerous times.

The potential clients hated being talked at and not listened to, another frustration was ‘the seller’ assuming they knew what they wanted before they’d asked enough questions – I cover more frustrations in the programme, there a plenty more haha.

From ‘the seller’s’ view often before the call they got anxious, felt under prepared and realised they probably talked too much and didn’t listen enough were just a few things that were mentioned.

The truth is once you get it right for you and your ideal clients you feel like a huge weight has been lifted and you are more in control of the outcome.

Some of the comments I’ve had from people who have been through the programme already are

‘Yep I definitely don’t listen enough’
‘I’ve got my great questions sorted now’ – I hadn’t realised just how important they were’
‘I’m feeling so much more comfortable with it and it shows in the call’
‘I don’t make any assumptions or try to give solutions too early’

I created this online – work through it at your own pace programme which you can revisit as often as you need to.

It will help service based business owners who know their call isn’t working as well as it could.

There are 7 steps/lessons in this programme for just £97