For the past 20+ years I’ve hit the ground running in January and got my business off to the best possible start.

Actually, I’ve never found it a challenge I love the fact that my plans are in place ready to get moving and I’ve got my focus. The alternative doesn’t work for me I learnt that the hard way.

I know that preplanning has got me through some yucky January days in the past. It’s made me accountable not just for my success, but the success of others and I thrive on that. Accountability can be the deal breaker.

January 2021 is going to be no exception as I’m ready to help a small group of business owners get off to the best possible start in my Build Your Business – 6 week programme.

This 6 week programme will help you gain clarity, focus and will help you find a whole host of answers that may be keeping you awake at night and realign you with your purpose and goals. For me, the toughest times without doubt are those when I don’t know what to do next.

When we have our own business, I believe there are times when

  • We just want to learn something
  • We want someone to help us find our answers by asking the right questions
  • We want to ask someone questions who gets where we are
  • We need that objective view
  • We need some moral support and encouragement

This programme will give you all of that and more.

So, if you want to hitch yourself to my wagon and get your 2021 off to a great start and you are ready to take action we are going to

*Get clear on your brand, identity and what makes you different
*Dig deep into your ideal client
*Help you will find where your ideal clients are hanging out
*Create the right questions to take you nearer a sale
*Understand what stops people buying – know your no’s
*Get you focused on the ‘right places’ to spend your time

3 of the 8 places have now gone.

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Got some questions or ready to take the next step?

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