I’d like to thank the 5 small business owners who have already put their trust in me to help them jump into action in January and Make It Happen.

You never know do you when you create a new programme or package how well it will be received?

Yes of course I get anxious myself when I create a new programme or offering so I truly understand how it feels to be in that place.

No surprises of course that I use the same process to make the decision as I encourage my clients to do.

1. Who is it helping?
2. How is it helping them?
3. What value and outcomes will it give them?
4. Where will you find those people?
5. Create a marketing plan for the programme

There is of course a lot more going on behind these points.

For example don’t base your decisions on what you think people want base it on facts and do extensive research with your ideal clients – this will always raise things you hadn’t thought of.

Doing a BETA version also raises things you wouldn’t think about yourself.

Thinking about it for too long isn’t always helpful – get going and you learn so much from it.

If you are stuck on moving forward with an idea, an opportunity and feeling overwhelmed then this programme could be just what you need right now.

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