Do you know your noes?

Firstly I had to google the plural of no haha – room for debate I’m sure but however you would like to spell it do you know them?

As business owners there is a long list of possible noes before we get to the end.

It is the avoidable noes we want to eliminate and avoid if we possibly can.

For example…

Attracting the wrong clients. Q – Is your messaging clear, are you attracting people who you can’t help?

How good is your process for your ideal client reaching out to you? Q – Is your enquiry link working/How quick do you follow up/Are all relevant links working/Do you have a calendar link for people to book directly into? – The easier we make it for people in the least possible steps the better.

Is your Discovery Call working for you? Q – Do you get your ideal client to this stage only to lose them?

How good is your follow up process? Q – Do you do what you say you will do, for example after this call I will send over xxx. The truth is we are being watched at this stage and this will be seen as a representation of working with you.

When people are saying no to you, do you know why – Q – Do you ask in a positive way for feedback, particularly if you know you are perfect for each other?

These are just a few of the key things that are in our control that we need to get right. Taking time out to look at where the noes are happening in our business is a great exercise.

To do it effectively we need to follow our potential clients journey and their touch points with us before we even get to speak to them.

Not all noes are negative for example ‘Our price higher than their budget’ If we are comfortable with our price and clear on it’s value we have to accept it won’t be right for everyone.

I’d welcome your thoughts too – on other key noes!


I can help with all of the above – you’ll be amazed at what we can identify in an hour from a customers view.

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