It isn’t easy sometimes working for yourself is it?

It certainly has its advantages but being accountable to ourselves and trying to keep motivated can be a challenge even for the most positive people.

I work 1:1 with a limited number of clients monthly to keep them on track with their plans and we talk through ideas and actions that will increase their sales and identify what they are missing from their sales puzzle that may be holding them back.

The great thing for me is that every client comes to me with a different story but ultimately they are looking for a similar outcome which will result in them generating more sales in a way that works for their business and their clients.

The great thing for my clients (who are service based businesses) is that I have a wealth of experience in helping small business owners find their solutions and it isn’t a one size fits all approach. I bring sales training, sales coaching and accountability into the mix and together that is where the magic happens.

Sometimes we just need someone to answer our questions, other times we want someone to help us find them and equally we want that nudge and accountability to make it happen.

Our 1:1 time together is bespoke to your needs, we work to your goals, go through ideas and plan and timeline the actions. ( I know you liked me until I mentioned timelines haha)

It all starts with a FREE exploratory call and we get to know if we are right for each other.

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