Whether that’s personally or in business.

If you have do you know why it didn’t actually become a reality?

Talking from a business perspective I’ve seen it many times sadly.

These are just a few of the reasons I hear regularly

  • I didn’t know where to start
  • It was too much to do by myself
  • The fear of failure took over
  • I did have the skills to do it

Everyone of those reasons has a story behind it doesn’t it?

When we start a business we have our skills and expertise, we know what we are good at, and what we wanted to achieve, does that mean we are going to be great at every bit of it?

NO it doesn’t mean that at all!

If you asked any successful business person did they do everything themselves it’s highly unlikely they will say yes – yet we can put pressure on ourselves to try and achieve the impossible and then feel frustrated and disappointed when we can’t do it

The biggest learning for me thankfully not to far into my journey was ‘None of us have all the answers we just need to know who to ask’

I am that person that people ask when they are stuck, overwhelmed, and don’t know which way to turn or what to do next within their business. I’ve got a proven track record of giving business owners clarity, direction and breaking their actions into smaller actionable steps.

If this is the kind of help you need right now drop me an email and we can arrange a FREE discovery call to elaine@2summitup.com