We all love a bit of procrastinating don’t we?

Some of us are better than others at it – yep I’ve done a fair bit in my time

It can impact our results and outcomes if we let it. But in my opinion, Procrastination isn’t the problem it’s the outcome of another problem that we need to tackle.

It is easy to identify because it’s the thing that’s lurking on our list that isn’t getting done, if we are really ‘good’ at procrastinating we can even bury it under a lumpy carpet and never see it again

The big question to ask yourself is ‘do I need to get that thing done to move me forward’ if the answer is yes then read on…

 I’ve created a quick exercise to get beyond it which has helped me and some of my clients and it may help you?

✅The first step is to look at the things that you are just avoiding doing for many reasons – doesn’t matter at this stage why. But if something keeps appearing and not getting done there is a reason.

✅Pick one of the tasks or projects that isn’t getting done and write it down at the top of a blank page.

✅Underneath the task start to break it down into individual steps- the more the better. Write how long roughly each step will take you to complete next to it if it helps.

✅Three things will happen…

1. It’s likely that one or more of the steps within the task is holding you back not the whole task and you’ll be able to identify it easily now – you may even groan as you write it down! It could be skill/fear/or time concerns etc. Now at least you know which bit it is.

2. It breaks it down into bitesize pieces which are easier to complete and you’ve got an idea how long each step will take you to do and makes them easier to tackle and tick off.

3. It gives you some next steps and actions. For example, if one of the steps is techie stuff that is not your thing you need to decide do you learn/pay someone to do it for you.

So there you have it…

How much is procrastination costing you in reality? How many opportunities are you missing because that ‘thing’ hasn’t been done?

Just imagine how you will feel when you’ve tackled it and done it.

If you need some help getting beyond procrastination and creating that action list to move you forward yes I can help with that and you’d be amazed how much we can get done in an hour.

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