So is helping the new selling? For many of us it’s the only way we know and love.

It’s true ‘people don’t buy to help us they buy because we helped them’ equally they may not buy at all because we aren’t all going to be the answer to everyone’s problem – and we should be ok with that.

I doubt whether any of us have ever said to someone ‘you’ve been far too helpful and I’m not happy about it’. Equally, I don’t imagine it’s something anyone has ever said to you either – generally, we are thanked when we’ve been helpful and gone the extra mile.

Being ‘salesy’ is not the route most of us want to take and let’s be honest helping people is far more rewarding, and of course, our potential buyer is unlikely to want you to be ‘salesy’ either.

We do however in business need to know who and where we can best help and bring the greatest value. When we are trying to help people who don’t want our help that’s when it doesn’t work so well. It would be like trying to help someone buy an amazing cruise when they actually get seasick and it would be their worst nightmare.

I’m a big advocate of having great questions, they are all part of helping us understand what our potential clients are looking for, the outcome they desire and just how important it is to them.

Another big part of helping people is getting back to them. Following up and supporting your help with some next steps and actions gives your potential customer confidence in you.

There is after all so much more to a sale than the final transaction and I cover all the above and more in my mini-podcast series – 10 minutes/10 days/10 actions – keeping sales simple.

Happy helping!