Is it harder selling a service than selling a product?

I think it would be fair to say that the no’s can feel more personal can’t they when you are selling a service

The significant difference is I guess as a buyer is when you purchase a product you decide whether it’s ticking all the boxes on your important list and whilst all our purchases have some emotion behind them we don’t need to build rapport to buy it necessarily.

For example the product we could get from many different places the deciding factor maybe the price or how quick it arrives etc.

But if we are investing in someone’s services we absolutely do need a connection a feeling that this person is going to help us find solutions and provide the outcomes we are looking for and they are the right person for us.

Because let’s face it we all have choices and none of us our right for everyone. So being clear on who we help and support is really important.

I’m Interested to know your thoughts when you invest in someone who provides a service rather than a product what is important to you?