Have you ever spent a ton of time creating a new package/programme only to find it bombed?

If you have you won’t be on your own I can guarantee that – it has certainly happened to me in the past.

I am a big believer in when things aren’t working as you had hoped that there is ALWAYS a reason for it and I love helping people find those reasons.

Please do remember that before you take it personally that it doesn’t make you less great at what you do, you still know your stuff and can help tons of people. But it could mean some or all of the following are playing a part in it.

1. You are not clear enough in your communications on who you’re helping. (Who is the ideal client for this particular package)

2. You are not showing how you help people and the solutions you will be providing (What results and outcomes can they expect after investing in it)

3. You are posting/sharing/networking in the wrong platform and your audience just aren’t there for this package. (We often have different types of clients for different packages so you may need to reassess your plan for your new programme)

4. You are not being consistent in your approach and sharing your offering enough. (Probably the most common issue – it is never going to a huge success if not enough of your ideal clients know about it)

5. You are posting when your audience aren’t looking. (For example if your ideal clients are parents at home it’s unlikely they will be looking between 5 and 7pm at social media.)

6. You are relying on one route to share it when a combination of routes could be far more successful (networking/social media/email marketing/podcast guest/blogs/videos to name but a few) Don’t try doing them all at once though!

7. You may be trying to spread yourself too thin across too many social media platforms (as above look at the right ones for this programme)

It is so important to plan in time to reassess what we are doing, look at what is working, what isn’t and understand why.

We do need patience too as these things can take time and just small tweaks can make a huge difference. I’m working on patience myself haha.

How about you?

Have you got some learnings from putting new services out there. What worked what didn’t and what would you do differently?

If you need help with some or all of the above book in a 30 minutes FREE Exploratory Call you’ll be sure to pick up some nuggets in that 30 minutes.