Some weeks in business prove to be just that little bit more challenging than others I feel! After deleting in error the recording of  my free sales webinar last week,  I celebrated with the most amazing pity party. Eventually, and let me tell you it took a few days (with the help of a few great people) I picked myself and have now put in another date to record it again, with a few tweaks.

When I launched my business earlier this year, pulling together all my years of coaching and training with a qualification in coaching I knew that it was absolutely what I wanted to do. The truth is it doesn’t matter how much experience you have in your field of expertise, you are still on a learning journey yourself. It’s not just enough knowing what you want to do, it’s having the roadmap to your destination and I know I certainly couldn’t do all those steps on my own, and yes I’ve hit a few dead ends, and taken a few B roads and that’s nothing to do with my driving! I’ve had some amazing help and support and continue to seek that help and self development, whether that be part of a group, reading a book or a webinar and some 121 coaching.

2summitup ‘ none of us have all the answers, we just need to ask the right people the questions’ On a big positive my original recording was retrieved too by a great friend and colleague who had the answers!

‘Take two’ of my FREE sales coaching webinar is on the 2nd August here is the link, you don’t need to listen to it live once you’ve registered. Feel free to share to those who would benefit from it ‘understanding the why behind their buy’ and ‘perfecting their pitch’

Have a great week!