I was introduced to Olivia White 4 months ago by a mutual connection Phil.

Phil asked his connections to offer some support to a friend who had bought a kit with a network marketing company. Olivia loved the products but had never sold anything before and didn’t want to be a pushy salesperson.

This is literally how my journey started many years ago ( with a different company) so it was an easy yes for me to give some support and share some of my knowledge.

I also offered Olivia the opportunity to work through my 10 minutes 10 Days 10 Actions programme as a gift from me.

We’ve caught up over the past few months and last week Olivia offered to do a testimonial to share her thoughts and talk about the difference it made to her business.

Olivia worked through the programme at her own pace and put the work in – the result was an increase in her sales of over 1000% from month one to month six (yes that’s the right number of 0’s)

Listen to the Chirbit clip to hear her story!

I can’t wait to see where Olivia’s business is in another 6 months.

Olivia’s details – owhite.templespa@outlook.com
To find out more about my programme – www.2summitup.com/ten-actions/
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