Let us help you make 2018 the year that you are seen and heard!

This Masterclass is for those who have something to sell but are feeling overwhelmed with ‘how to sell’ and would like to increase their understanding of Digital Marketing.

We start a business for a number of reasons – we are passionate about something, we see ourselves as an expert, or see a niche or an opportunity for what we have to offer. No one knows our business better than us, but how do we share that with other people?

This great day takes you on a journey of discovery, from understanding the importance of your brand, to understanding why people buy your product or service from you, and it helps you increase your knowledge around social media platforms helping you decide which works best for your business.

This is an interactive day, we want everyone to get as much as possible out of it, so our numbers are limited.

We are holding this event in at 54 St James Street in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool and the day includes your lunch and refreshments through the day.

Click the link below for further details and to book your place