Not a word you see that often – nos. (I had to check the spelling!)

We all get them – multiple nos that is🤗.

While no can feel a bit negative knowing why people are saying it is really important to our business and can have a positive outcome.

The benefit of knowing our nos can be a real eye-opener – I know a lot of nos bear with me it says a lot about my sense of humour😂

》The no we are happy with because we are not right for everyone.
》The bad service no – ouch!
》I didnt know you did that no – ahhh!
》The no-one got back to me no.

When we know our nos it can take us so much nearer a yes or a maybe.

We should also know where our nos are happening in our process.

* Is it our website – are we being clear how and who or help?
* Social media platforms – are we being consistent and clear?
* Our follow up -is it working for our clients?

Or maybe it’s something else…

?》?》What’s been your most surprising/interesting no?

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