There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction isn’t there?

One of the pieces of our sales puzzle that is often overlooked is customer service do you agree?

Getting it right or wrong can be the difference between working with someone or not which will impact our sales.

A month ago I was looking for some work to be done in our home. Not a big job and I wanted to use someone local.

I did the contact form on their websites both replied really quickly saying they would call me – so all good.

That is when things changed I did get two phone calls both had to leave a message as I had a full day working myself.

One message was really friendly, thanked me for contacting them and invited me to call them back when I was free, but they would try me again later.

The second was rushed, abrupt and invited me to call them if I was still interested.

So I chose the first person based on their customer service – they didn’t disappoint at all and did a great job.

All our customers and potential clients have choices, just as we have choices when we are buying something so we need to have processes and steps that work not just for us but our potential clients who are people like us after all.

I’d love to get your thoughts on it as a customer and/or a business owner.

If you need another pair of eyes on your customer journey get in touch on I’ll be happy to help.