Do you believe things happen for a reason?

I believe that things happen which can prompt us to make decisions and choices.

My husband and I have been talking about starting a joint hobby/venture for a while now.

Just something that is a lot of fun, not a big money maker but combines our joint skills and sense of humour and will make people smile.

It was a ‘next year” project, we’d started to flesh it out a bit and then something happened in early March that made us ‘just do it’

We’ve got a long list of ‘that would be great on a TShirt’ sayings and quotes. As parents, grandparents and people of a certain age we’ve got big plans for different ranges.

Our nudge to do it came from a fab photo that my husband took near our home on The Wirral across the Mersey. It was taken 4 years ago and in early March the photo appeared on a travel fb page.

It got over 79k likes and 1000 comments so there was the moment of ‘yes we really need to get that on a TShirt’.

So here we are we’ve got print on demand products from a Company Teemill Tech Ltd that sits in line with our values and we’ve set up our page on FB.

We got our first 2 ranges on there – Dave’s smiling seagulls and a eurovision range (we love it as it’s so close to home this time)

No I’m not giving up my day job but if you’d like to follow our FB page it’s called Funni Frontz which tells you a lot about our humour.

Yes we are still learning but we’ve started with a leisurely stroll haha.

And yes this is the photograph on a TShirt that my husband took.

How about you have you been nudged into action by an unexpected something?