These 16 questions could give you more answers than you imagined.

The thing I hear most from small business owners is…

I had no idea I would be spending so much time on all of the other stuff that comes with running a business.

I totally get it because I felt the same – still do some days!

My quote ‘There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction’ is so right and that is a good thing.

Because we are more in control of it than we think we just need to make sure we’ve got the right pieces of the sales puzzle in place. (Sounds easy when you say it haha)

There are some fundamental pieces of the puzzle that we need in place to give us the best possible chance of success.

I like to make life easy for myself and other small business owners so I’ve pulled together a questionnaire with just 16 questions which will highlight what you’ve got covered and what needs more attention.

It’s simple you score yourself out of 10 for each question and you’ll see just what you are missing.

I’m a huge fan of knowing what needs to be done and getting on to sorting it the place I don’t like is when I don’t know what I’m missing.

If nothing else it might just show you just how amazing you are

16 questions survey