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I have never considered myself to be a sales person, but more of a problem solver, a solution provider, and passionate about helping others. On my journey I have sold products/concepts/change/opportunities and ‘myself’ and the reality is it doesn’t matter what we are selling its more about understanding our potential buyer, and the ‘Why behind their buy’

It is true however that quite simply some of us enjoy ‘selling’ more than others, but for those who don’t love it, is it because you just haven’t found the way that you are most comfortable with yet? I believe it’s a bit like exercise/keeping fit there are different activities that work for some of us as individuals, but not any one thing that works for us all, in other words the route can be very different but the results can be just as good.

This week I was told by one of my clients ‘I can’t sell, and I don’t want to be considered as a sales person’ I smiled, and so did he, when I pointed out that it may be a challenge moving your business forward if you don’t actually feel comfortable selling your products. When we looked a bit deeper, there was a number of underlying reasons why, from a few bad sales experiences (as we have all had) to a fear of rejection, and a few more things in between

Thankfully it’s not very often the lack of belief in our products, or services that stops us, after all if we have started our own business we have done it with the belief and passion that we have something that we want to share with others.

Once we had a worked on a list of problems he solved, solutions he provided, and lives he could change, it all started to feel a lot more comfortable and ‘selling’ was starting to feel a whole lot easier and dare I say enjoyable!

In business we need to embrace our strengths and spend some time working on the elements we need help with.  We can’t all know everything, and acknowledging that you need help in certain areas is a strength in itself. To give another analogy, would you decide to make a cake, and miss out the key ingredient and hope for the same result – probably not!

As I look forward to delivering my Sales Workshop next week, and write the content of my next Sales webinar, I will also be dedicating time to my recent investment in building my online skills.

#2summitup ‘I believe we all have the answers within us we just need the right person to ask the questions’

Enjoy your week!