I celebrated my birthday last week – the original plans just like many other peoples went out of the window and my wonderful family and friends pulled out all the stops to create magical memories.

One of my special gifts (in addition to the gin bar with gin of course 😊) was a jar created by my wonderful family of ’60 things we love about you’

As I opened the jar during our virtual family takeaway on Zoom some of the messages made me laugh some made me cry and some took me by surprise – in a good way!

Ø My ability to overplay a song that I love so everyone else ends up hating it – so true, that’s why there is a repeat button surely.

Ø The fact that I know someone who can help with any job in the house or business service or challenge – yep I do have a great network.

Ø Being a great listener and making a difference – yes there were tears!

This special gift was a great reminder of two things.

Firstly, we don’t always see ourselves as others see us and secondly, sometimes we all need a reminder of the good stuff that we bring and the difference we are making to others.

My jar is full of laughs, love and gratitude from people who probably know me better than I know myself 😊

So, what would you expect to find in your jar from those who know you well?