Starting your business is easy!

Said no one who has done it – but feel free to tell me different

After building a network marketing business that at it’s peak was turning over 4million a year, with over a 1000 people in my team I knew I had a tool kit crammed with everything I needed to start my Coaching Business and was ready for the journey ahead.

Yes, that wasn’t totally true either…

Here are just 7 of the many things I’ve learnt..

1. You wear all of the hats and every day is a learning day. I know so much more now than I ever imagined which I feel pretty proud of.

2. Sometimes you can feel isolated and alone – you are not on your own feeling that way it goes with the territory.

3. It can be a rollercoaster – and that can be by the hour haha. Celebrate the wins big and small.

4. Not everyone has your best interests at heart – I’ve spent money on things that weren’t right for me. But hey hindsight is a wonderful things isn’t it!

5. Your tribe/community is so precious on so many levels and there are some fantastic human beings around that genuinely want to support you with no strings attached.

6. Your success isn’t a reflection of your expertise – yes you read that right. It is easy to think about giving up if things aren’t going the way we hoped but we can’t be a secret and a success, if things aren’t going to plan there is always a reason.

The foundation we have to get clear on to build is – who we helping and how we are helping them and where we will find these people. We can’t help everyone.

7. When you are selling a service the noes can feel more personal. So understanding our noes is really important but also appreciating we are not right for everyone and vice versa.

Anything you’d add?


With all the above in mind…

Judith (Financially Savvy) Hamilton are launching our Grow Her Business Online Community for women in business who are selling a service on the 10th January 2024 at 7PM.

We are starting it because quite honestly we both wish we’d had something like this when we started out in business.

‘Our vision is to build a Community where

female entrepreneurs, gain knowledge, learn new skills and

connect with like-minded business owners so they can flourish and reach their full potential’

To find out more about what we are offering head to and if it sounds like what you need in 2024 then join us for our Launch on the 10th January and you decide if it’s right for you.

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