How often do you analyse, review and revisit your results?

It is very often the thing that is overlooked and not seen as a good use of time, when in fact the opposite is true.

If your actions are not giving you the results you expected it could mean a number of things.

1. You are doing the right actions to the wrong audience
2. You are doing the wrong actions to the right audience
3. You’ve got your audience right and your actions but they need a bit of fine tuning or
4. You are not clear on who your audience are or your actions
5. You are not taking action often enough – adhoc is not our friend in business

The fantastic thing is when we know what isn’t working we can do something about it.

Also great to know what you should be starting, stopping, doing more of and doing less of.

And hugely important – also often not done enough is celebrate when what you are doing is working!

Do you allocate time to review your results?

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We only know what we know and it’s often the stuff we don’t know is where the magic really happens!