No one wants to come away from the call feeling this way do they?

But there are 2 sides to every story and we want to be confident that it is a two way thing that the buyer and the seller benefit from.

Some of the buyer’s bug bears

✅I wasn’t listened to

✅I was talked at

✅They made assumptions without asking me enough questions

✅They gave me solutions without really understanding the problem

✅I didn’t have their full attention

✅I didn’t feel valued

✅I was interrupted

✅None of my questions were really answered

✅We got to the end of the call and I had no idea what would happen next

Have I missed anything?

As the seller how do you feel about the call?

✅Excited but anxious?

✅Well informed before the call?

✅Armed with your relevant great questions?

✅Have clear steps to your call?

✅Ready with your next steps at the end of the call?

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