So this week saw the end of my IT hiccup, and I was finally able to release my FREE download of ‘The Perfect Pitch’ – Yay. So no more talking about it now and that’s a promise!

After the many hours (interspersed with many other things of course) this has really ‘stolen’ a lot of time over the past couple of weeks. The bigger issue of course is that I allowed it to for part of that time.  We can all be guilty of wasting so much time on the ‘stuff’ that is out of our control. This week however I made sure it was a different story, and what a great week it has been. We can’t control what happens all the time, however we can control how we deal with it and how it affects us. As if by magic once my focus switched, not only did my ‘issue’ get sorted so many other great things happened as well.

Friday is always my reflection time on the week, what worked, what didn’t, and planning for the following weeks appointments, and writing my blog, and of course ticking all the remaining things off the ‘to do list’

I love the diversity of what I do, and the wonderful people that I meet and getting an understanding of what they do and why they do it. It always sounds such a cliché to say ‘I love helping people’ but I do! Whether that can be in a practical way or just restoring someone’s belief in themselves.

I was asked to share my Strategy on Sales with a wonderful group of very inspiring business women, at The Women’s Organisation in Liverpool last night, I started with my story which included my learnings along the way. It always fascinates me to hear other people’s stories about their journey and how they got to where they are now, yet most of us (myself included) never really like to talk too much about ourselves. We should be proud of our story, it’s unique and we’ve worked hard at writing it, the good stuff and the bad stuff has got us to the place where we are now, and made us the person we are, and it shapes our future.

I met up with someone this week who had been in my business many years ago, we had so much to catch up on personally and career wise, and we made some great plans for the future, she shared with me ‘that she will never forget how I made her feel when we worked together giving her belief in herself’ It was a great reminder of how we never really know the true impact that we are having on people, and that can be in a good or a bad way.

On a final note – if you haven’t downloaded my free ‘ the Perfect Pitch tips’ then here is the link – enjoy!