I have met some fantastic people this week by and I love the energy that positive motivated people exude! There isn’t any one of us who sales through life without challenges and heartache whether that be in business or personally or indeed both, and when you are in that place it’s great to get the support of others in business and personally.

The truth is when you run your own business it can be a lonely place.  Not only are you wearing so many hats and spinning all the plates, and constantly talking to yourself (that maybe just me!) you are also the chief decision maker which comes with its own pressures. I love a bit of pressure but appreciate that not everyone does!

But we don’t have to do this alone (unless we want to of course) there is so much help out there, which comes in different shapes and sizes depending what you are looking for. Personally I love networking and meeting up with others you meet so many fascinating people, and you never quite know where all these conversations will take you.

But I totally appreciate everyone doesn’t feel the same, try not to let the fear of walking into a room full of strangers stop you going, the chances are at least half of the room probably feels the same as you.

I recently spoke to a close friend who really has a fear/dread of going to these events, even though I know she has so much to give and she would also gain so much from them in making new contacts, and listening to other business people.  The bit most people struggle with is the first introduction and telling people what they do – this is an easy one  ask the other person what they do first, listen engage in a conversation and then when they ask you what you do, it feels so much more comfortable, and the more you do it the easier it gets.  I love the expression ‘when you are interested, the interesting part follows’

I met a delightful young lady this week who is helping us source a venue for our up and coming Sales and Marketing Masterclass, she has energy, enthusiasm and knows ‘her stuff’ and I wish her every success in her new venture, and I feel very confident in recommending her to anyone else who is looking to book an event, and I know she has us in mind with her contacts for our Masterclass….and so it goes on.

So the perfect week for me, with a balance of meeting new people, making new connections, and keeping in touch with my regular clients, and ticking lots of things off my  to do list – and for those wondering if my technical issue has been sorted, yes it has…and I found my outfit for my daughter’s wedding!

Wishing you a great week….