I think most of us who run our own business will agree that it is a constant work in progress.

As the landscape is constantly changing, we have to be looking at what our clients need, how we are supporting them and be open to change if our ideal clients landscape has changed.

I love change, but I appreciate not everyone does.

One thing I really encourage though is don’t make changes based on what you think is the case base it on fact.

The facts come from the evidence aka our results and analytics and of course the people we are helping have the answers. It is easy to get caught up in our own thoughts and views.

Which is why of course when you are thinking of launching a new offering you’ve got to do your research on who needs it and how they want it with and test it out.

When I launched my online course Perfecting Your Discovery Call I did just that.

Here is the link check it out of yours needs some changes – its just $35 one off payment for unlimited access.