We all need some time to think and plan, in fact it’s essential to do it when running your own business.

Jumping into everything (yes I include social media in this) last minute without a strategy behind it isn’t often effective or a good use of our time.

Our logical mind should tell us…

We decide on where we want our business to be by a certain timeline and work backwards. Our decision needs to have some tangibles in there with a big chunk of reality on the timescales.

Then we break it down into steps, measurables and for this I have to have a project tracker that is live and can be updated on a regular basis.

Do you make some decisions over the summer that you want your business to look like?

I did!  I’m very excited about it too, it’s a collaboration, it’s going to support women in business and we are creating a community too.

You’ve gotta love a great spreadsheet – I couldn’t function without one! I also could have a JV without the amazing Judith Hamilton and we are looking forward to sharing more with you.

If you’re a woman in business who provides a service we would love you  to take our survey and share your thoughts here is the link.