Celebrating a win yesterday – whoop!

I’d wanted to re record my Perfecting your Discovery Call programme for some time .

I’ve been doing some procrastinating, I knew why – there were things that weren’t working for me that I wanted to change but it was such a big task so I needed to break it down into manageable chunks to tackle it.

After a ton of work behind the scenes I did all the new recordings yesterday with just one session I want to record again which I’m doing today.

By the end of the week it will be on its new platform and good to go – yay! I’ll keep you posted of course.

Its just over an hour it’s packed with info and tips to help you really get clear on getting your Discovery Call right for you and your ideal client. Planning this call is sooo important but often neglected even though we know it is a key part of moving our business forward and helping the right people move their business forward.

There’s a long story behind moving platforms which I won’t bore you with haha.

At some points it would have been easier just to forget the idea altogether but I know how many people struggle with getting that call right ✅️

Add to that I’m a coach who helps small businesses make things happen so I really needed to practice what I preach didn’t I haha.

So yes doing a happy dance and looking forward to adding more programmes over the next 6 months.

Anything you’re doing a happy dance about recently that’s been a labour of love ❤️