Do you stop at the but?

As your Sales & Accountability coach, your support, challenger and cheerleader we are going to get you beyond your ‘buts’.

Some of these ‘BUTs’ maybe be sub conscious some may be very conscious.

It’s the ‘Yes I need to do that, BUT moments that happen more often than we realise….

Either way they may be stopping you moving forward and getting underneath them can be a gamechanger.

Those pesky subconscious BUTs can be often be a belief or fear.

In fact this could be seen as procrastination which isn’t a problem in its own right its the outcome of another problem.

For example.

I could do that BUT I may annoy people.

That’s a great idea BUT what if everyone says no.

I could post on here BUT what if someone puts a negative comment.

The conscious BUTs are a bit easier usually to see.

I’d like to do a newsletter BUT I don’t have an audience, BUT I don’t know how to set it up, BUT don’t know where to start..

I know I’ve got a great product BUT noone wants it.

I’d like to launch a podcast BUT don’t know how to do it.

I’d like to create a new programme BUT don’t know where to start.

The great news is you can get help with all of your BUTs there are always solutions, work around and support.

The first step is knowing what they are and taking action.

I love kicking BUTs ( couldn’t resist that one)

If you need some support to get past some of your BUTs get in touch I’d love to help –