How is your Discovery Call working for you?

If you are a service based business this is a really key point in your sales process.

When you get this right for both parties (you and your ideal customer) this is where the magic really happens and everyone feels really comfortable with the conversation.

Sadly, we’ve all been on the end of some not so great calls, and equally we may not have been overly happy with how our own call went.

For all the reasons above and more I created an easy access online training to help small business owners perfect their discovery call.

It’s around 6o minutes and it covers the steps below – and because I want this to be easily accessible it’s just a $35 one off payment for unlimited access.

This is what it includes…

Planning Your Call

The call has 5 steps to it by following a process and steps we are going to make sure it will work for you and your ideal client.

Common mistakes that annoy potential clients

We are all buyers of something on a regular basis. Be aware of some of the things that irritate us when we are buying then you can avoid doing them!

Understanding your buyer

All buyers aren’t the same. Understanding buyers needs and how they proceed is an important part of the process.

The Call

These are the 5 steps that shape your call and take your potential clients on a journey. I can guarantee you’ll get some light bulb moments in here.

Your follow up/Next steps

The yes, the no’s and the maybe’s all have a process to follow. I’m sharing what I do to help you shape your process.