Success means different things to different people.

Which makes comparing ourselves to other people a pointless and potentially damaging exercise.

I completely get it though it’s easy to get sucked into it when social media is such a goldfish bowl it’s hard not see it all around you.

If this resonates with you right now I’d like to share an exercise I’ve carried with me and adapted along the way.

4 simple questions with BIG important answers.

1. What does success mean to you?

> Is it financial freedom, an income goal, a material goal, lifestyle etc

2. When do you want to achieve your goal by?

> Without a timescale we can’t measure our progress or success. Some of our goals maybe dictated by other factors outside of our control so may be more of a deadline.

3. What actions/tasks do you need to take to achieve your goals?

> Making a list of all the actions/steps you need to do to achieve your goal – add some estimated timings to the tasks. It is so easy to underestimate how long things take.
(I actually do this step before I set the goal date – I learnt the hard way haha, even then there are things you don’t consider until you get going). Dates can move and it shouldn’t be seen as a negative if we are moving forward.

4. How much time each week do you have to dedicate to completing your tasks (or getting someone to help you with them)?

> This is absolutely were the lightbulb moments happen. It will highlight a number of things.

* Are you setting yourself up to fail to achieve your goals based on the time you have available each week to dedicate to them?

* Are you being realistic – do you need to revisit your timelines?

* Do you need to find support with some of the tasks?

* It gives you the start of your action plan, allowing you to have timescales for each task so you can measure your progress and success weekly.

Each step you achieve to get nearer your goal is in itself a success. It’s important to celebrate the successes big and small along the way

What are your thoughts on success – what does it mean to you?

This is the sort of stuff I can help with – if you’re struggling with it and need some help drop me a message and we can arrange a free discovery call.