Your goal or destination may be set in stone..

But your route may be set in sand…

This is certainly something myself and I’m sure many other business owners have learnt and accepted.

We may very clearly know where we want to go but the route may need to be tweaked, changed or even abandoned for a better route.

The reality is when we get going and take those first steps that is when the real learnings begin – I love this part because it’s all part of the process of moving towards your goal.

Judith Hamilton and me have a goal to launch our online Membership Community for female business owners in January, we’ve done a lot, we’ve made some tweaks and we are very excited about what we are creating.

Moral of the story is, don’t lose sight of your goal and the joy and help you know it will bring, the route to success is very rarely a straight line in my experience – but it does make the arrival at your destination even sweeter