I’m a big fan of The Dragons Den (probably no surprises there based on what I do haha)

It never ceases to blow me away – in a good way, the creative ideas people come up with.

In my day job I love that I get to immerse myself in the world of other business owners, why they started, their goals, their clients view, and everything in between and ultimately being able to help them find some answers if I’m the right person to do that if not I’ll very happily sign post people to someone who can.

Yesterday I had a great reminder of something that is often overlooked when we run our own business.

And that is knowing our noes – and no it’s not a typo! All of the no’s today haha!

In reality many people could be saying no in the first 15 seconds because we are not being clear on our website or social media who and how we help.

Our job is to minimise the number of noes we get by looking at the places people could be saying no to us.

There are 2 types of noes.

Those we know about because people are telling us.

Those we don’t know about because it’s happening without us knowing!

A really valuable exercise is to look at your noes the obvious ones and the not so obvious ones.

Some things to consider…

1. At what point in your process are people saying no or dropping out?

2. Is your website/social media clear?

3. Is your Discovery Call working for you? How many clients say yes from this call and more importantly why are people saying no?

Some of the toughest noes I hear are ‘I could have helped someone with that but they didn’t know I did it’ or ‘I missed working with them because I took too long to get back to them’

This is one of the many topics I will be covering in our Grow Her Business Online Membership Community all included in your Membership.

If you are a Woman in Business who provides a service to others check us out it may be the piece of the puzzle you’re missing.